Saturday, December 15, 2012

GoP: Young Earth Creationism and Jehovah's Wttnesses

Another Guide to the Perplexed definition

Young Earth Creationism and Jehovah's Witnesses are internally related movements born from the background of late 19th century Seventh Day Adventism.

Both claim to have NUMERIC KEY to the Holy Bible and raise it to the center of world view constructing belief-systems on false realities.

Jehovah's Witnesses look forward and calculate the date of the second arrival of Jesus and have developed a complex reality of the New World that He is going to bring upon future Earth.

Young Earth Creationism look backward and fix the date of the creation of the Universe on the genealogies of the Bible. They build a complex pseudo-scientific reality of the Old World that once existed upon Earth created on 4004 before Christ.

The claim on the inner relationship between Young Earth Creationism and Jehovah's Witnesses movements is based on documented history of the two movements roots in Seventh Day Adventism and its rationalistic, highly moral and Bible respecting heritage.

Because of the NUMERIC KEY both movements distort both the Bible and God's creation and rule of history.

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