Friday, April 24, 2015

Gallipoli - Tell England

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On personal note, Tell England: A Study in a Generation by Ernest Raymond (1888 - 1974) is among the few books on World War I that have left deepest scars and everlasting memories in my soul.

The book follows those jolly British young men on their trip to death on the slopes of Gallipoli and is absolutely unforgettable. Especially when reading is combined with a study of the ANZAC campaign 1915 - 1916.

You can read Tell England online as an eBook in Project Gutenberg

Related to that book there is that Australian veteran song Waltzing Matilda which is among the saddest of its kind I know and sometimes still brings tears to my eyes

Today 100 years have passed since the start of Gallipoli campaign. For good reason they talk about heroism - but those two words "human folly" also come to mind.

May they Rest In Peace - all the over hundred thousand human beings that perished there.

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