Saturday, June 25, 2011

Creation and Rod Steward

Rod Steward

Creation of the physical world is much more than just the product of rather random events in an environment ruled by natural laws that mysteriously just exists. Biological evolution is much more than the product of rather random mutations in a genetic environment that mysteriously just exists.

Rachel Hunter and Rod Steward

Tthe amazing power the voice of Rod Steward has had on women is comparable to the amazing power of female beauty that people like Rachel Hunter, his ex-wife, have on men.

Why on earth women like the raspy voice of Rod Steward and get weak knees when he is Sailing and almost cry when he tells how First Cut is the Deepest?

What evolutionary advantage this world famous British singer has over me and the millions other guys who know better than trying to impress a lady with my singing voice (I do not like that pretty ladies laugh at me...)

Why Rod Steward's songs penetrate the heart of women and give him what we men call great luck among the prettier genre?

Bob Marley (1945-1981)

Bob Marley is said to have had some difficulties with his wife as so many women were truly interested in him and the shelter of his single bed. Indeed, is this love? Quite a character this Jamaican was and not exactly on the top of the most sportive and politically powerful persons among men. Yet, his singing meltsd so many hearts of women.

Of cours, Rod and Bob affect also millions of men but in a different manner, lacking this female ownership trend - I want that Jose Carrera, Pavarotti or... the list is long.

To prove my point, here is one of the great female heart-breaking singers of our time

Julio Iglesias

El Amor!  Just look at the expressions of the ladies in the clip and you get the point.

So why music, song? What practical purpose it has in the evolution of humanity and in the battle for survival? Mammoths and tigers and bears are not afraid of trubadours?

Music, male voice, romance, because God of Israel not only loves, He is love!

"God is love"
1 John 4:16

I so much agree with that Catholic priest, whatever was his name, who said

"I am not the product of Intelligent Design. God has loved me into existence"

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