Saturday, June 25, 2011

Masterpiece of creation - Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes

God of Israel has created a particularly beautiful human being - Jessica Gomes.

Jessica's exceptionial beauty inspired bodypaint artist Joanne Gair and when the amazing results of her creative painting work were published in Sports Illustrated they caused quite a stir around the world.

Joanne Gair at work

The movie "Shallow Hal" reminds us that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yet, there is something about Jessica Gomes that most people would define as exceptional beauty, not just beauty. But what it is? And why on earth are women beautiful? What practical benefit beauty brings to human race? Selection in the process of regeneration?

Leonardo da Vinci brought together many subtle visual details to create the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa that seems to tell as much as it hides what is in her mind. The painting of the face of an Italian beauty has fascinated humanity ever since but it is quite difficult to define what exactly makes this portrait so different from all other portraits of beautiful women.

Similarly, it is very difficult to explain what exactly creates the classic and noble impression of Jessica Gomes or what is beauty.  The impression we get is part comparison with others ("this is no Marilyn Monroe...") and a sum of many different details that together create in our minds the impression of an international beauty. Not only the shape of head, symmetry of facial features, hair or architecture of her nose, eye brows, lips, chin and other such things. Beauty definitely includes also such rather esoteric and non-scientific aspects as her character as shown in the photo, and funny subconscious questions of ownership like what kind of wife she would be, can she cook, is she nice to animals, does she understand quantum physics, good at tennis? And for us men there is always that evolutionary question "would she like someone who looks, talks, behaves like me and who has no money for fancy cars?" 

Classic female beauty and character

Even when we are unable to explain it we do get an impression of beauty and character. The feeling is shared as probably most of humanity would agree that Jessica Gomes, an Australian model of Singaporean Chinese and Portuguese heritage, is a rare beauty compared to other women living on this planet. There are some more beautiful, some less beautiful, in our personal scales and system of preferences. But the verdict is in in the popularity of her pictures and her choice as a model.

God of Israel has truly created a masterpiece - a living human being.

But why?

If life is only what evolution believers sometimes suggest, in principle a fight for the survival of fittest in a given environment,  there is no need for any gods to do the work from Big Bang to Jessica Gomes.

Personally I think that evolutionary theory has difficulty in explaining the purpose of the exceptional beauty of Jessica Gomes for much less female attraction is needed for the reproduction system to work.  Normal man needs basically only those three simple signs, two red dots and a black triangle, and is ready to go on to impregnate the lady.

So why this unnecessary delicacy, this great attention to every detail in the womb of Jessica's mother, from shaping her nostrils to the coloring of her eyes? Just a change genetic combination of racial features? But even so, why beauty?

It all seems so unnecessary in the real world if everything we need is to reproduce our species, to eat and drink and whatever.

I think that evolution believers are wrong and are missing the important point - life is not all about the survival of the fittest or catching the best partner for continuing our race.

It is beauty because of beauty.

God of Israel LOVES us and has created so much beauty, and also the ugliest beast so that we see the difference, noise and music, bad smell and jasmin flowers, romance and tears of separation, competition by handsome rich fellows for the hand of that beautiful lady.

Yes, God loves Jessica Gomes whom He has created.

And God loves us also by letting us admire her exceptional beauty emphasized by the human artist, fashion modelers, make-up artists, hairdressers and physical fitness trainers and... photographers, of course, thank God for them too!

just look at the happy face of young Louis Amstrong in this youTube song and you agree with him
What a wonderful world!

Also God saw that it is good (Genesis 1)

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