Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik - cruel and unusual punishments

92 consecutive life-sentences

Mandatory visit to all the families of the hunted and murdered victims willing to meet with him

Norwegian state public financial support to the families of the 92 victims to sue formaximum compensation for the damage, pain and suffering smiling Anders, one in hundred thousand, has caused to them.

and the worst punishment of all  ... lifetime prohibition to play War of the Worlds or WarCraft in the internet

In my opinion Jeff Wayne's War of the World, Rage Software Limited who developed the real time strategy game and the publisher GT Interactive, WarCraft and any other computer game that teaches such cold blooded murder or violent crimes, the makers of the games and those who profit from selling them should face responsibility for their products in courts in the same way major tobacco companies are facing responsibility - even if it is the smoker's own decision to smoke.

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