Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy Spirit and Ray Boltz

IMHO the discussion on homosexuality and Bible goes to entirely different direction if we realize and accept the fact that there are men and women whose sexuality is oriented towards their own sex rather than the natural choice of the opposite sex.

Yes, it is an unnatural thing as we all understand that screws and bolts are made for each other and the purpose of sex is to bring children to this world - but yet it is a real phenomenon that exists in humanity.

A phenomenon that is not known in the Bible.

My understanding is that the holy Bible is talking about heterosexuals who play homosexual games, men and women, who change their natural sexual orientation towards the opposite sex and run after sinful lusts and experiments and who have abandoned the only God in their intellectual hybris and have chosen idolatry.

There is not one word in the Bible that supports homosexuality and the Torah calls for death penalty for such acts.

And yet, behold!

Holy Spirit is using Ray Boltz in very powerful ways through his wonderful songs and teachings and is also using his wife to help all those Christians who are dealing with this serious problem and tell how to cope with the phenomenon in the company of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is that admittedly sentimental and very touching song Thank you through which Jesus Christ Himself is thanking us!

Here are two Ray's interviews - one of them has become the most widely read interview in the history of Washington Blade.

Here is the blog of his wife Carolin.  

So let us not push people away from Jesus.

Let us call all men and women to come to Doctor Jesus! 

Jesus Christ, connecting people who is both willing and able to help us no matter where or what we are.

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  1. My message to Ray Boltz is that he should not be folled, in the first instance all along before he declared his secret homoxesual life, God knows your secret, it was never a secret to God, so your public declaration of it does not change God, neither His Standard concerning homosexuality as been revealed through the Holy Bible. Therefore, i wish you are more sober about heaven and not about how you feel, your feeling(s) can not change God's standard and judgements. I'm a lover of your heart touching gospel songs, i still do not hate you but i wish you make heaven and not fans. God can still help you out of this satanic end time trap of homosesuality and you will be a Bible practising Christian singer once againg. Amen.