Friday, December 2, 2011

What's with these Chinese, anyway?

I mean, really...

Zhang Yimou (born 1951) tells in House of Flying Daggers an unforgettable love-triangle in a way that sets new standards to cinematic art. And who can forget the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing Olympics 2008 he directed?

Or Lang Lang (born 1982)...

Have you SEEN him play one of those delicate Nocturnes by Chopin? Is there anything easier, anything more natural, anything more enjoyable ... hiding the enormous technical challenges in total concentration on the musical message.

Have you HEARD Lang Lang play Sergei Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto 2?
If you have, you understand my point...

Or talking about grand pianos, Yuja Wang (1987) ...

Such a delicate young girl, and what force in those hands! Those who know about piano say that when hearing Yuja Wang you simply have to redefine how well that instrument can be played.

Culture, music, theatre, circus, movies... okay

but what about real life, like dollars, banks, factories?


The Chinese took that 19th century pioneering sociologist Karl Marx seriously.

Much more seriously than the Soviets, who made mockery of his ideas and whose experimental society, worker's paradise, collapsed in its ridiculous lies and corruption.

So seriously, that Communist China is today the biggest lender in the world to the capitalist USA. Who would have believed?

China is worried that the U.S. will default on the $1 trillion loan China gave us to, among other things, build McMansions and sell them to each other.

If China gets too worried, they'll stop lending us more money to pay ourselves while no one is buying McMansions, and interest rates will skyrocket, screwing us.  So Obama is trying to assure China president Wen Jiabao that we're good for the money.

Which we probably are.  In nominal dollars.  But wait until we get through inflating our way out of the problem.

Read more:

Maoism, hmmm okay..

But what about Christianity?

Have you heard about those Chinese mainlanders who have encountered Jesus Christ in those forgotten towns and villages behind the back of God?

And not just there.

Ye good ol' BBC reports:
"It is impossible to say how many Christians there are in China today, but no-one denies the numbers are exploding."

Really, what's with these Chinese, anyway?

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