Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knowing the only real God

Different types of true believers and atheists alike have a tendency to create gods in their own image.   Some adjust reality to fit what they believe God is like. Others argue that since reality is not like it should be if gods existed there are no such gods at all.

Knowing the only real God, the One of Israel, is not an academic pursue. In fact, there are quite a number of highly intelligent men and women who do not know God even they know so much about the Cosmos.

There is a tendency among academics to mock those who believe in the only real God there is and to reject them from the pure Greek temple of science where logic and reasoning rule.

It is simply impossible for human beings to learn to know the only real God.

It goes the other way round. The only real God seeks human beings and establishes contact with them giving them faith in Him. This faith seeks understanding and has its own eyes to look at the world.

People who the only real God has found are somewhat different from people who say they have found God.

On what I base such claims about the only real God, the God of Israel?

On the holy Scriptures written by the Jewish people, the People of God.

For salvation is from the Jews.

Says who?

Says Jesus who is from the royal family line of king David.

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