Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Men in Black and in white

No sequel can possibly repeat the experience of total surprise and amazement the original Men in Black (1997) film caused in us viewers. The incredible flights of human imagination where exhilarating and a bit scary at the same time as they were served to us by two stone-faced professionals, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Two deeper structures in the movie explain some of its attraction that - for one thing - actually tripled the global sale of Ran Bay sun glasses to 5 million dollars.

One structure is the multi-layered humanity that includes aliens disguised as normal people. These special cases can be identified by specially trained government agents. Legal aliens are limited to Manhattan where they fit well with the colourful crowd. The secrecy of the alien layer in the crowd is enforced by wiping clear the memories of humans who by chance have seen the true nature of the space refugees and other visitors.

Second structure is the multi-layered reality of existence exemplified by the opening scene of this Academy Award winning movie and made clear especially in the Belt of Orion.

Orion's belt

The belt around the neck of the cat Orion actually contains another world, a true micro-cosmos, that is carried in the belt of the cat. The idea in this concrete realization of dimensions is brilliant and probably no other movie shows it as effectively as Men in Black. Entire worlds can exist in micro-cosmos unknown to us and we may actually be in the micro-cosmos of some other bigger reality without ever knowing it. Are ants aware of the world of mammals?

Men in white
Men in white are the Biblical beings that represent another type of multidimensionality - life beyond death. This idea is so difficult for us because we think that we know what life and death are

Biblical concept of life beyond death is very radical and goes way beyond the wildest imagination of even the best science fiction writers. The concept of layers in existence, this life and life that continues after death, sets our current life into very special light. It is so hard to imagine that the Bible actually says that God has made something that has never occurred to mortals.

Alien persons in human bodies

Men in white act somewhat similarly to Agents K and J in recognising deeper hidden structures in humans that are seemingly living normal everyday life in Manhattan or elsewhere upon Earth. There are alien life forms, personal beings, that are dwelling inside humans. These were felt and dealt with already by the ancients. Our current science has some ideas about that but even the most modern methods of brain research are unable to effectively reach these aliens as we know so little about our souls.

Maybe tomorrow will bring more knowledge and help us deal more effectively with things that are not just figments of imagination or hallucinations of damaged brains.

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