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Sylvia Kristel - Emmanuelle

In memoriam Sylvia Maria Kristel
28 September 1952 – 17 October 2012

Sylvia Kristel as Emmanuelle

The Bible forbids adultery. This is clear from the Ten Commandments "Thou shalt not commit adultery" Exodus 20:14 to the Mosaic laws of family relations and sexual purity and to the harsh death sentence of an adulterous woman by stoning in Jesus times John 8:1-12.

Yet the Jewish people, the chosen people of God, were and are an "adulterous generation" from the strictest Hassidic rabbies to the wealthy film producers in Hollywood. 

Jews only?

Of course, sexuality is a tremendous power in all humans and we all belong to the category of adulterous people, whether in deed or just in secret dreams and hopes. Many a Christian preacher, prelate and pastor has fallen because of this basic nature of humans. Islam is very strict in highly moralistic. Yet, sexual crimes, rape and adultery are major themes also in Muslim life described in Cairo cinema.

Orgasm in the origin myBlog

Sexual liberation
The change in Western culture began in the 1960'ies and led to a major re-evaluation of human sexuality. The word "adultery" was wiped out from vocabulary and the concept of sinful relations and deeds was deemed Medieval and harmful to young.

With psychological and psychiatric influence, largely originating from that Jewish genius Sigmund Freud, human nature was understood as consisting of libido, person and super-person. The super-ego was the cause of much troubles, anxiety, neuroses and even more serious mental disturbances. So why to shackle the sexual drive of two or more agreeing adults as long as no harm is done?

Sylvia Kristel's Emmanuelle as a human being
Kristel at Paris screening of
 documentary about her life,
 25 September 2007
The Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel (1952) - in her world famous role as erotic Emmanuelle - conquered the world during the time of rising sexual liberation. She provided the world with "virile dreams come true" in softcore French style movies that also women appreciated because of their sensuality and female power. The Emmanuelle franchise has made more money than any other French movies.

The difference to other such movies is subtle but clear. In her face, large eyes and attitude we do not meat the usual materialistic and fleshy porn star without a soul, a machine trying to make men come for money.  Instead, she is in the movies a human being and she involves to the beautiful sceneries in Bangkok and elsewhere also something about the more serious side of sexual relations. There is some complexity in the women and their experiences also in the erotic world. Perhaps this humanity is the key to her great commercial success and legendary stature in the billion dollar business of erotic art.

Kristel and the value of traditional marriage institution
The fundamental seriousness of sexual relationships is hidden behind the hedonistic softened search for satisfaction in Emmanuelle movies. But it is underscored in her autobiography Nue (2006) telling, for example, about the abuse she herself experienced as a child in the hands of heartless adult men.

Most surprising is the voice of Kristel among the sex stars in this adulterous generation that has been demanding total Freudian freedom for human lusts - as long as nobody is hurt (or so). For Sylvia tells in her book that one of the deepest tragedies in her life was the divorce of her parents.

Kristel was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, as the daughter of Piet and Jean-Nicholas, who ran an inn in Utrecht. In her 2006 autobiography Nue she claims to have been sexually abused by an elderly guest at the hotel at the age of nine, an event which she has refused to discuss in detail. Her parents divorced when she was 14 years old after her father left home for another woman. "It was the saddest thing that ever happened to me", she says of the experience of her parents' separation. She has a younger sister, Marianne.

The keeping of the Biblical ideal - a lifelong faithful bond between man and woman united by the coitus as a single unit  to be the image of God - is, according to Sylvia Kristel, a significant value.

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