Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Does God have a sense of humour?

The Laughing Baby

We had a friendly argument about does God have a sense of humour and I said "of course He has!"

"How do you know?" my sceptical friend asked.

"Well, the little baby is a bit apprehensive about who you are. You gently hide your face with your hands and then ... not too loud ... make a ding and a dong and a boo-a-boo. And what a laughter you get; like the purest river on the mountains so clear and genuine! Where comes this sense of humour from if not directly from our Creator.
I rest my case."

"Oh Mikko, you are so stupid with your never-ending god business. Do you not know that scientists explain the evolution of baby laughter as a defence mechanism that evolved during millions of years to protect helpless little humans against evil adults?"

I look at him thinking that DNA studies suggest that the separation of humans from chimpanzees took place only about five million years ago and say "You must be joking!"

But my friend does not have sense of humour in such serious matters.

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