Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swedish freedom from religion

Gud får inte vara med när skolan samlas i kyrkan

Anna Ekström, generaldirektör, Skolverket
Claes-Göran Aggebo, undervisningsråd, Skolverket
Dagens Nyheter debat

These two administrators of Swedish school system say that you can go ahead and let your school keep Christmas time celebrations in a church building but do not dare to mention God there. No prayer, no singing, no confession of faith.

Such is the freedom from religion in Sweden today.

The term church means a sacred building intended for divine worship.

Once a building has been consecrated as a church it may not be used again for a secular purpose.

IMHO Any Swedish Christian church that has been used in such an unholy secular celebration of December 25 becomes a place where most serious blasphemy has taken place. Such a building should be consecrated as a place of worship by a Bishop before it can be called a church again.

Also I humbly advise all Swedish school principals to keep end of semester celebrations in any other place but do not go and mock God in His own house and make it Devil's house.

Who am I to judge or advise?

Nobody, really...

So pay attention to what I say and not to who I am or am not :-|

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