Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dutch scrap blasphemy law

BBC News told 29 November 2012 that
Dutch authorities have decided to approve a motion abandoning a law under which it is a crime to insult God.

The legislation, introduced in the 1930s, has not been invoked in the last half century.

However, it still remains illegal under Dutch law to be disrespectful to police officers or to insult Queen Beatrix, the country's monarch.
read the entire BBC News article here
Considering my comment on the movie Titan A.E. a few hours ago in this blog this piece of news is very timely.

The legislation against "insulting God" was not introduced in order to protect God but to protect people.

As we can see in the world today blasphemous people are doing very well and are not afraid of the wrath of God or gods.

Fools as they are.

The problem is that God of Israel does exactly what He wants and when He wants and there is nothing we can do except to pray for Sodom and Gomorrah.

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