Friday, September 13, 2013

Dawkins' world 2: no music

Dawkins' world envisages and promotes world without the fallacy of religions. " Let us make a better world where brilliant scientifically oriented humans like me teach the masses the eternal values of atheist humanism!"

"There is no god, and Dawkins is his prophet" as the saying goes.

So let there be Wayne's world 2 promoting better future to humanity without music. What enormous resources and human effort is waisted just to produce sounds!

Such a project would not be less violent mutilation of true humanity as the rationalistic cutting off and destruction of religiosity from human society.

It is ironic that the main proponent of rational religion worshiping humanity in Notre Dame during French revolution was sentence to the guillotine just six months after the illfamed Cult d'Raison occasion in Paris. The man who gave the masses the enciting Fraternity, Liberty, equality tricolor lost his head by the will of the liberated.

It is ironic that the revolutionaries in Soviet Union following Stalin's order to demolish the Cathedral on Moscow and in Soviet People's hearts replacing religion with scientific atheistic materialism are remembered with such disgust and horror as Russian people ate trying to fix the enormous damage they caused to the Russian soul.

So let Dawkins lead humanity with Carl Sagan and others to a future without religion and to a sensible rational life without music.

To an impoverished colorless existence without respect and praise to our Maker.
It has been tried before with catastrophic results.

So why not try again!

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