Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stephen Hawking about assisted suicide

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Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA has finally figured out in his brilliant mind - with the assistance of a member of God's chosen people Leonard Mlodivov - that there really is no need for God. Physical laws alone are sufficient to explain everything humans wish to know about Cosmos (Grand Design, 2010).

Now our eminent Theoretical Physicist has told the world that he supports assisted suicide (BBC).

Also here there apparently is no need for God.

May man decide himself on matters of life and death.

Logical, indeed.

I am just thinking that lovely grandmother who is chronically ill and gets expensive treatment that is not fully covered by her medical insurance. Gently her children have made her to understand what a financial burden her treatment is and how mortgage is eating grandchildren's college funds.

As changed laws make it possible, out of pure love she signs her own death sentence, assisted suicide or euthanasia, whatever you like to call it.

The kids got rid of a troublesome situation and can now enjoy life without having to pay a fortune to keep ye old grandma alive. And she willingly agreed to go, didn't she?

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