Sunday, May 1, 2011

American Atheists and creationsim

salad dressing: American Christian Creationism is an awful distortion of the world we are living in. It is based on bad hermeneutics that distort the very Bible these devote rationalists wish to defend.

Creationists and ID people do not take the Bible seriously as it is - an ancient book written by people who had genuine geocentric worldview and very little actual physical knowledge about Earth and even less about Cosmos. The means of observation were simply not yet there.

In the background of Creationism is American Christian Fundamentalism which has evolved into an awful distortion of the Bible as expressed in the unfortunate Chicago 1978 Statement on Biblical Inerrancy by some 300 evangelical leaders led by the Protestant theologian Robert Preuss.

Such "Creationism" has been and reamains a favorite and easy target of factual criticism in this forum and also has greatly amused and inspired greater prophets like Richard Dawkins.

"Creationism" makes God of Israel a minter of false currency.


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You're nuts.

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