Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The other way round!

Aircraft carrier made of Lego bricks

God and a scientist were talking and God was complaining to him saying "This is really not fair".
"How come?" asked the highly intelligent scientist.
To explain His point, God asked the scientist "Have you seen the aircraft carrier made from Lego bricks?"
"Yes, quite a feet of human patience!" answered the scientist happily.
"Is it not true that he had detailed description of a real ship when he made the model?" God asked.
"Yes, it is true. This is a model of USS Intrepid and Brit Ed Diment used 250000 bricks to build it." said the scientist.
"What you are doing" God continued "is to figure out how I have made the universe and the living world. Once you learn something new about it, your first shout is Eureka, there is no need for God!"
The scientist nodded that this is true. After so many new scientific discoveries about cosmos and nature men and women come with the happy news, we have figured it out! There is no need for any supernatural wisdom to do this.
God complained "this is really not fair!"
The scientist asked "What are you going to do about it?"
"Let us do it the other way round" God said.
"Take this string and create the Universe from it"
The scientist looked a bit puzzled "what Universe, the one you have made?"
"No", God answered, "make from this string the kind of Universe you want."
The scientist looked at the string and said "This is rather small."
God sat down on a chair, took His cup of tea, the Time and said "It took me less than a second, now it is your turn".

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