Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christopher Hitchens address

Considering one final time Mr Hitchens' address to American Atheists. Regardless of whether we side with God Delusion or with Dawkins Delusion we may agree that there are only few fundamentally different alternatives to 1. any kind of religious belief system or 2. optimistic expectation that one day in the future science will provide humanity also with an answer to that Ultimate Question of the Meaning of Life and Everything.

1. כך בחיים - kacha bechayim - Because!
Thats life, things just are because they are. All we should do is just to accept existence as it is because that's the way it is. We should not even ask questions that our human language cannot express in meaningful ways. However, "it is because it is" may remind some about the meaningful meaning of the name of the Hebrew God "I Am Who I Am", in short "I Am".

2. במקרה‎ - bemiqreh - by chance. Biologist Daniel C. Dennett presents this view about us humans as nothing but lucky mutations of chromosomes . According to him we can scientifically study those processes that evolved in time.

Honoring Miss Fortune with such an enormous role in the shaping our existence is obviously not a new idea. Two other brilliant human beings, Leucippus and Democritus ("chosen of the people" rather than "people chosen by God") shared the view that everything is caused by chance. Without any tools of observation they figured out by thinking what seemed to them to be the true nature of everything. As first true materialists they assumed that only matter exists. It is made of very small indivisible things (atomos) that move randomly in emptiness sometimes colliding together into lumps that give matter its observable attributes, hardness, color and so on.

What a celebrated achievement of human brain! However, they were fundamentally wrong in assuming chaotic inner structure of matter. Humanity has learned to study atoms. Periodic Table of Matter gives a hint that there probably is preciously little chaotic in the atomic strucutre of matter. Electronic energy levels must be within allowed limits and can be exactly calculated.

New forms of Mathematics had to be developed to handle the divided indivisible with all the strange tops and bottoms and colorful combinations of quarks that came to our attention. There are rumors that even the God particle, Higgs boson, has been found, believe it or not.

Order, not chaos, rules in modern Biology as it does in Nuclear Physics.

D.C. Dennett, a human being like me, is convinced that he can scientifically demonstrate that DNA is nothing but a lucky product of random mutations evolving in some rather accurately defined environment. I do not believe him.

God of Israel says "I have made everything". This everything includes also the extraordinary complexities surrounding deoxyribonucleic acid. I believe what He says. I do so even I understand very little about DNA evolution in comparison to Professor Dennett.

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