Monday, November 10, 2014

Sônia Braga and hymen

Sonia Braga... Arnaldo Jabor's... Eu Te Amo
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Sônia Maria Campos Braga is an exceptionally beautiful actress known from many Brazilian and international films and TV series. She has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and for an Emmy Award. On personal note, she tells about relationships in the past but she has not married and has no children.

In the youTube clip from the Portuguise movie Eu Te Amo (1981) which became a Brazilian blockbuster, she tells in rather cynical way the loss of virginity of Maria, the fictional woman she is acting.

But alas, the story she tells is probably that of thousands and thousands of teen age and younger girls around the world: the loss of virginity way too early to a carpenter with filthy finger nails, an uncle or other horny man near or far.

It may be a bad experience or something enjoyable, as Sônia here brags, but invariably breaking the hymen too soon permanently damages the growing woman and causes life long difficulties in sexual life and marriage. Violating that growing rose, opening that bud too early, is a serious crime, even if the underage girl agrees to the proposal.

In the movie Sônia is gallant about the history of the person she is acting but I think in real life she - as all other women - think otherwise. Virginity is of great importance both to the woman and to the man who marries a virgin.

For humans hymen has a clear purpose. Also many other mammals have them from monkeys to elephants. But it is not just a quirk of blind evolution but rather something that marks a permanent relationship between a human male and female couple.

W.A. Mozart even wrote an opera, one of his best, Le Nozze di Figaro, about the right to the first night.  Count Almaviva requires this privilege from his servant Figaro's future bride Susanna. The old habit recognizes the special value of virginity and was still known if not anymore practiced in 1786 when the opera had its first performance, Not so long ago.

Virgin Mary
Sônia Braga is a celebrated actress in Brazil, the country of many beautiful women and with the largest Catholic population among the countries on the Earth.

In the movie Eu Te Amo, Maria was sent to a convent school to be taught by nuns and to study among many virgin catholic girls. Religious values on purity and virginity.

Even world famous Brazilian Carneval was originally a Christian feast "entering to the Easter fast". World famous statue of Cristo Redendor spreads His hands atop Corcovado blessing the people living in Rio de Janeiro, in its lush palaces and in the miserable slums.

Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, pray your Son for us.