Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bible study - Intro to the Perth group

We were sitting around a table in a quiet room in down-town Perth. The ocean was visible from our window and the morning was sunny.

Simon, the leader of our Scriptures study group, had a big black Bible open in front of him. He looked serene and peaceful, without fear or anxiety despite of our impressive presence and he radiated towards us genuine love of God. From experience we knew, however, that his words could be quite severe when necessary.

Today we were only eleven since Merri had been warned by her family not to join the group. As you know, Australian law prohibits Christian missionary work among Aboriginals. The government and also her family wanted to keep her as a living museum of the religion of the ancients. (Sadly, the sale of the Western product alcohol is not prohibited by law although it is another alien thing and known to causes damage in the protective reservations.) We hope that she would return to study the Bible and to bring her unique contribution to our discussions about the Word of God - after all, Bible is intended to all people on the Earth.

(Our group was also in another way rebellious ignoring St. Paul's advise to be obedient to the rulers - for we ignored the Ministry of Education recommendation to use the Jewish terminology "Common Era" and boldly dated things before the birth of Christ or Anno Domino.)

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