Friday, February 3, 2012

Grandfather's clock and cow

Watch made by Jaakko Könni (1775-1830) 
House of Yli-Laurosela Ilmajoki, Finland 

This valuable watch was about as expensive as a cow when it was purchased around 1825. Today it is a priceless art treasure surviving from the handworks of one of the most famous watchmakers in Finland.

It clearly has a purpose. Top of the white wooden casing is Empire style and bottom Rococo. Carefully constructed system of wheels, rockers, springs and a mathematically tuned pendulum have been ticking minutes and showing hours ever since it was located in the main living room of Yli-Laurosela house.

The design of the clock engine shows careful planning, measurement and there is a pleasing combination of functionality and beauty. The historical Könni watches are famed for their accuracy and endurance.

The watch has been signed by Könni so the experts in the Antiquities Service of Finland have been able to assign it to its makers and date it quite accurately.

God of Israel has signed His work - the entire Universe - for us humans in a very special signature called the Bible.

He knows that not everyone believes in Him. That is how He has made us. With freedom to sin against His will (Genesis 3) and obviously also free not to believe in Him (look around).

The Book even says that the functionality, beauty and intelligence of deep thinking in the nature does not make humans to believe in God (Romans 1:18-23).

So who nevertheless believes in God of Israel?

There are some people who do have faith in Him.

Grandfather's Cow

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