Friday, February 3, 2012

Mosaurus and Marc R. Ross

Mosaurus (robot)
Republican photo by MICHAEL S. GORDON

Doctor Ross in the news
February 12 2007 journalist Cornelia Dean published an article in the New York Times with title Believing Scripture but Playing by Science's Rules  (NYT). She wrote about a telephone interview with Rhode Island University student Marcus R. Ross (born 1976) who had just published his dissertation on the marine reptile Mosaurus.

Cornelia Dean tells that the research was written according to all the rules of natural sciences and the results fit into the framework of modern understanding of the history of life on Earth. She continues that Dr Marcus R. Ross is a YEC - he believes that the Bible is literally true and that the world was created less than 10.000 years ago (Young Earth Creationist).

This combination is what made the dissertation news worthy for New York Times. Here is a Bible believing Young Earth Creationist who nevertheless writes scientifically acceptable research on life in the Mesolithic period.

Professor Ross
Today Marcus R. Ross is a professor of Biology and Chemistry in Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia. This is the largest evangelical Christian university in the world and has today some 72.000 students, 12.000 as residents and 60.000 others.

Liberty University has strong connections to the Bible Belt Christianity. It began under the leadership of Jerry Falwell (1933-2007) as Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971. The present name was taken in 1984. The university is doing well and plans to open also a medical faculty in 2013.

All is well at Liberty University?


This page is a truly scary combination of scientific fact and Biblical interpretation

The writer is identified as Dr. Andrew Snelling.

Dr Alex Ritchie took a closer look at the identity of  "Dr. Andrew Snelling"

Creation Ministries are in deep waters.

And so is Professor Marc R. Ross.

Which is a pity as he would have so much to give by being truthful.

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